IASS-i ajakiri. Ilmub 1969. aastast. Ajakirjas avaldatakse artikleid kõikides semiootika harudes tehtud uurimuste kohta, antakse ülevaade uuemast kirjandusest ja aegajalt ilmuvad külalistoimetajate käte all eriväljaanded konkreetsematel teemadel.

Semiotics for Beginners
Daniel Chandleri kirjutatud põhjalik sissejuhatus semiootikasse.

Department of Semiotics in University of Tartu
Department of Semiotics is one of the youngest departments in University of Tartu. The aim of the department is the preparation of cultural analysts with interdisciplinary education competent theoretically and able to apply practical methods of analysis.

Jakob von Uexküll Centre
Jakob von Uexküll Centre was founded on November 16, 1993. The aim of the Centre is to commemorate the Baltic-German scientist and philosopher Jakob von Uexküll. The archive of originals or copies of J.Uexküll’s published works, manuscripts, correspondence and the works written about him is hold by the Centre.

International Association for Semiotic Studies
ISI was created in order to promote international teaching of semiotics and to facilitate the mobility of students in the field. Thus Imatra became the headquarters of global network of semiotic institutions.

International Semiotics Institute
The International Association for Semiotic Studies – IASS-AIS is the world organization in the field of semiotics. The Association was founded in 1969 and has both individual and collective members from all continents.

The Journal of the International Association for Semiotic Studies, founded in 1969, appears in five volumes of four issues per year, in two languages (English and French), and occasionally in German.

Semiotics for Beginners
Thoroughgoing introductory text on semiotics written by Daniel Chandler

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