Acta Semiotica Estica
Eesti Semiootika Seltsi väljaantav eestikeelne semiootikaalane ajakiri.

Töid märgisüsteemide alalt – Sign Systems Studies
Töid märgisüsteemide alalt on 1964. aastal ilmuma hakanud ja maailma vanim semiootikaalane teadusajakiri. Ajakirja annab välja Tartu Ülikooli semiootika osakond.
The mission of Sign Systems Studies, as the oldest journal in semiotics, is to be in symbiosis with all other centres and journals of semiotics in the world, publishing professional top quality articles in all areas of semiotics and to promote new ideas in semiotics.


SemiotiX – A global information bulletin
A global information magazine. Its aim is to provide periodic snapshots of the situation of semiotic research in the world, with photos, editorials by, and profiles of, active semioticians, mini-reviews of books, state-of-the-arts at a glance, and selective publicizing of scholarly events.

IASS-i ajakiri. Ilmub 1969. aastast. Ajakirjas avaldatakse artikleid kõikides semiootika harudes tehtud uurimuste kohta, antakse ülevaade uuemast kirjandusest ja aegajalt ilmuvad külalistoimetajate käte all eriväljaanded konkreetsematel teemadel.
Semiotica continues in the tradition of the late Thomas A. Sebeok to publish and request research and theoreticalframeworks relevant to contemporary semiotics in both English and French. It will continue to provide a scholarly platform inwhich semioticians and researchers in cognate disciplines can publish relevant work in the humanities and the sciences.

Actes Sémiotiques
The online journal Actes Sémiotiques, founded by Algirdas J. Greimas, is basically inspired by structural epistemology, a tradition of thought that it claims to renew and enrich. Against all forms of dogmatism, it seeks to propose an intellectually creative semiotics, open to other contemporary research trends and in tune with today’s problems of social life and incorporating a special section for debates, called “Dialogue”, it welcomes contributions from varied disciplinary fields and theoretical orientations.

The American Journal of Semiotics
The American Journal of Semiotics is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary research publication produced by the SemioticSociety of America that welcomes original contributions in the form of topical articles, response articles, and critical reviews on any subject related to the science of signs and meaning, whether theoretical, methodological, or applied. 

The mission of Biosemioticsis to facilitate the integration of biology with semiotics and to naturalize biological information and meaning. Topics of special issues include semiotic scaffolding, semiosis of evolution, origins of mind, multilevel and constructive biosemiosis.

Carte Semiotiche
Carte Semiotiche aims to develop a dialog between structural semiotics and image/art theory. Object (text) analysis is the focus of the journal, and the field of confrontation among methodologies and disciplines (semiotics, phenomenology, critical theory, etc.).

Chinese Semiotic Studies
Chinese Semiotic Studies, published with De Gruyter Mouton, aims to bridge the differences between Chinese and non-Chinese semiotic phenomena, featuring cutting-edge original research into the robust Chinese ways of the sign, and promoting mutual understanding and meaningful communication between the East and the West as we know them.

Cognitive Semiotics
The first of its kind, the Journal of Cognitive Semiotics is a multidisciplinary journal devoted to high quality research, integrating methods and theories developed in the disciplines of cognitive science with methods and theories developed in semiotics and the humanities, with the ultimate aim of providing new insights into the realm of human signification and itsmanifestation in cultural practices. 

Cybernetics and Human Knowing
Cybernetics & Human Knowing: A journal of Second Order Cybernetics, Autopoiesis and Cyber-semiotics is an interdisciplinary journal that brings views in cybernetics, systems and semiotics in dialogue across all disciplines through original research articles in a paper as well as electronic journal with art illustrations.

Cygne Noir – Revue d’exploration sémiotique
Cygne noir is an open access, peer reviewed journal of semiotics based in Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Canada. Issued once a year, original papers in French and translations of papers or manuscripts in English, as well as bookreviews (year-round), are published with the greatest care and attention throughout the editing process.

Degrés – revue de synthése á orientation sémiologique
Since 1973, Degrés, of which 170 issues have been published to date, most in French, provides a constant and consistent outlet, and a forum of the highest scholarly standard. Some of the issues published can be considered to be landmarks inthe history of modern semiotics, tackling topics such as signs, discourse, genres, media, or artistic activities.

deSigniS is the bi-annual Journal of the Latin American Semiotics’ Federation (FELS). Founded in 2000, it is dedicated to sociosemiotics in Iberoamerican research.

Digital Age in Semiotics and Communication
This journal represents the research programme of the Southeast European Center for Semiotic Studies, New Bulgarian University, aimed at the cultural transformations arising after the advent of the internet. 

E/C – Rivista dell’Associazione Italiana di studi semiotici
E/C is one of the largest  open access online semiotics magazines in the world. It contains more than 900 articles in Italian, English and French, each published after evaluation of the editorial committee. Periodically, monographic print issues on various semiotic topics are published. These issues are approved by the editorial committee and double blind peer reviewed.

International Journal of Marketing Semiotics
The mission of the International Journal of Marketing Semiotics is to constitute a reference point in state-of-the-art academic research by enhancing the relevance of semiotic theories and methodologies across the entire marketing mix, with a dual orientation towards furthering existing theory, while safeguarding managerial saliency. 

Kodikas/Code. Ars Semeiotica
KODIKAS / CODE promotes multidisciplinary approaches to the study of sociocultural semiosis in German, English, and French. On a regular basis, KODIKAS / CODE also publishes special issues, collections of refereed articles on timely topics, solicited by guest editors.

Критика и семиотика [Kritika i semiotika]
The journal Critique and Semiotics publishes articles on the subject of semiotics of culture, theory of literature and language, and discourse analysis of communication in modern societies. The journal has been printed in Novosibirsk since 2000 and publishes articles of junior as well as renowned scholars.

Language and Semiotics
LASS mainly explores semiotics in language studies and beyond. We are striving to strengthen the ties between Chinese and global semiotics, theoretical semiotics and semiotics in application, senior semioticians and promising devotees.

Lexia. Rivista internazionale di semiotica
Lexia is an international journal of semiotics whose aim is to publish outstanding contributions in the field across linguistic and disciplinary frontiers. Lexia publishes in English (preferred), Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish and welcomes contributions from authors of all semiotic schools.

Public Journal of Semiotics
Public Journal of Semiotics (PJOS) is a non-profit open access journal that publishes original research articles in semiotics:the systematic study of meaning, in any kind of modality such as speech, written text, gesture and pictures. Our intention is to help make semiotics relevant for current issues in the world.

Punctum. International Journal of Semiotics addresses itself primarily to the international community of younger researchers who utilize semiotics, either exclusively or as part of an interdisciplinary perspective, to explore a wide range of issues and challenges caused by our rapidly changing socio-communicative contexts and processes. It aspires to promote the crucial relevance and contribution of semiotics to the scientific study of the distinctive cultural dynamics of contemporary worlds.

Recherches sémiotiques / Semiotic Inquiry
Founded in 1981, RS•SI is a peer-reviewed journal that takes the field of semiotics in the broadest sense, to include both the theoretical and empirical study of signs, sign systems and processes, signaling and communicative behaviour, and their foundations: philosophical, psychological, biological, social, cultural, etc. Its aim is to encourage and disseminate the advancement of knowledge in these areas toward a better understanding of the processes of signification and communication by publishing original and substantial articles, in English or in French, on topics related to the above domains of research.

Semiotic Review
Semiotic Review (formerly The Semiotic Review of Books, 1990-2012) is a multidisciplinary open-access online peer-reviewed journal publishing original essays in the Humanities, the Social and the Natural Sciences which bear upon symbolic and communicative behaviour, cognitive systems and processes, cultural transmission and innovations, and the study of information, meaning and signification in all forms. Semiotic Review publishes two kinds of issues: occasional thematic issues (often proposed and edited by guest editors) and a single non-thematic “open” issue which collects those contributions that are not submitted for thematic issues.S

Semiotique et Bible
Semiotique et Bible specialises in the field of textual semiotics along the lines of A. J. Greimas’ works. It encourages articles which develop a figurative theory of texts in the perspective of enunciation.

Signa. Revista de la Asociación Española de Semiótica
Signa, founded in 1992, is a yearly academic journal devoted to semiotics in any of its fields (literature, drama, linguistics, film, communication, etc.). It is published at UNED (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia) in Madrid (Spain).

Signs. International journal of semiotics
Signs is an international peer-reviewed electronic journal on the semiotics of mind, consciousness, language and culture, as well as living and inanimate nature, and possible connections between them. The stance of the journal is interdisciplinary due to the nature of the subject and explores all processes of cognition, communication, meaning and information interchange, in which signs feature. The journal is also transdisciplinary in that it has an interest in the philosophical frameworks forming the specific semiotic outlook on cognitive, communicative and social processes.

Signs and Media
Signs & Media is a bilingual (English-Chinese), peer-reviewed academic journal, founded in 2008 by the Institute of Semiotics & Media Studies (ISMS), Sichuan University. The journal endeavors to systematically expand semiotics to all fields of human sciences, covering, notably, communication and media studies, and to reinterpret the Chinese traditional semiotic heritage and, thereby, to develop the philosophical side of semiotics.

<a rel="noreferrer noopener" aria-label="Signs and Society Signs and Society is a multidisciplinary journal in the humanities and social sciences focusing on the study of sign process(or semiosis) in the realms of social action, cognition, and cultural form. Taking as its broad mission the study of “signs and society,” the journal publishes articles thatanalyze sign processes in some specifiable or generalizable social circumstance, historical period, or textual artifact. (avatakse uues sakis)” href=”http://www.journals.uchicago.edu/loi/sas” target=”_blank”>Signs and Society
Signs and Society is a multidisciplinary journal in the humanities and social sciences focusing on the study of sign process(or semiosis) in the realms of social action, cognition, and cultural form. Taking as its broad mission the study of “signs and society,” the journal publishes articles that analyze sign processes in some specifiable or generalizable social circumstance, historical period, or textual artifact.

Social Semiotics
Social Semiotics invites contributions which provide a semiotic analysis of any phenomenon but, in particular, we welcome analyses of quotidian or neglected phenomena. All contributions must exemplify critique, exposing the ways in which the phenomenon under analysis embodies or facilitates some meanings whilst excluding others.

Transactions of the Charles Peirce Society
Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society has been the premier peer-reviewed journal specializing in the history ofAmerican philosophy since its founding in 1965. Although it is named for the founder of American pragmatism, American philosophers of all schools and periods, from the colonial to the recent past, are extensively discussed. The journal regularly includes essays, and every significant book published in the field is discussed in a review essay.

Versus: Quaderni di studi semiotici
VS (Versus) was founded in 1971 by Umberto Eco as the first international journal of Semiotics in Europe and since its first beginnings has published articles in three languages (English, French, Italian) by the most important scholars in the field(from Jakobson to Searle, Hintikka, Goodwin, Bertrand, Landowski, Fontanille, Tarasti, the Groupe Mu, and many others).

Zeitschrift für Semiotik
This peer-reviewed journal of semiotics publishes excellent research in German and English from all fields of semiotics, primarily in thematic issues, but thematically independent submissions are also welcome. It selects contributions according to innovativeness, depth of engagement with semiotic traditions and theories, and analytical precision, and is similarly interested in theoretical articles and in studies that include empirical and experimental approaches.