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Leticia Vitral 
“Yes, nós temos semiótica! Semiotics in Brazil”

Oscar Miyamoto
“”Chile, mole y pozole” A Brief History of Semiotic studies in Mexico”

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Nowadays, Peircean semiotics has a strange hold on the Latin American mind, but this is not the only semiotics that happens in Latin America. The Saussurean revolution of the mid-20th century left strong traces in the subcontinent that were carried back to Europe and elsewhere by the Latin Americans escaping from the then rising dictatorships. In this climate, Latin American semiotics was born as an act of resistance; as a revolutionary practice. The following decades brought some important changes that impacted on both the region and the discipline. The second half of the 20 th century saw the institutionalization of semiotics, and with it, the tension between semiotics as a critical thinking tool and its assimilation by design and marketing programs. Yet, these seemingly opposite tendencies are of crucial importance for the dynamicity of the discipline. This adds up to the many contradictions, different points of view, and internal forces that have shaped semiotics in Latin America into an ever changing and vibrant field. The present series will dwell on the kind of semiotics specific to the region (even in the cases when it was developed abroad), from its beginnings in the 1950s to its later developments at the turn of the century. The presentations will give a glimpse of the vast landscape of Spanish and Portuguese speaking semiotic research, given that today the Latin diaspora in semiotics reaches even as far as our beloved city of Tartu.

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